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IWCS Scale LLC Past Special Projects 


Here we have put together some of our past project wehere the customer has had a need that had to be filled and IWCS Scale was able to provide.




  Automated Carrot Processor 

Here we have a carrot processor, whose products can be found across the US in the frozen section of your local food store.They had an old automated system that was slowly degrading and was unable to modify or make changes to the operationsdue to the programing language oc the PLC. IWCS was called and asked to work over the Christmas Holidays to do a retro fit rewire and write the new program for this complicated carrot processor. In short the operations sequence is simple but due to safety factors of moving machinery, water, pressurized steam capsule this project would not be for the novice. With combined ingenuity of IWCSand a little assistence from the customers maintinance department we were able to complete this job on time and under budget eventhough it took place over the christmas holidays. 


IWCS Breast Cancer Month, BSP Truck Scale Installation


  Brownsville Scrap Paper


Portable Truck Scale


 USAF Portable Truck Scale 

Have you been looking at economical truck scales lately. This picture may look familiar then. Her you will find an OPTIMA Scale Portable Truck Scale Complete with 10ft level aproaches and 25 foot approach ramps and a 70 x 14 ft weighing platform.when we were given the specs for quoting this scale and given a potential budget we could not thnk of a better supplier then Optimato mee this customers needs while suppling then with a well made truck scale.


IWCS Truck Scale Installation @ Alice TX


 ICCB Inc / S. Duval Alice TX 

IWCS understands budgets and we war there to help we can offer you a turn key package or should you have your owncontractors we will let you provide portions of the work to help you save money as you can see here, 

 ICCB was wanting a scale and the majority of the local scale conpanies inthis area insisted on them providing the foundation package.Solution, through word of mouth they heard about us and asked if we could help, Thier location was outside our typical service area but presented with the opertunity to offer a potential customer the chance to own a high quality 100% american made truck scale we could not resist.We pressented them with a product only package and let them provide majority of the services and materials outside of the weighing equipment.


IWCS Scale, WMSR4 Watermelon Sorter

Here is a video of our watermelon sorting system, this system is customizable to the endusers needs, Coupled with the Cardinal 825 and IWCs proprietary Software package, it is able to process and sort by weight roughly 45,000 - 60,000 lbs of watermelonsevery 45 minutes. We first came up with our system and out sourced the production back around 2004 since then we have consistently making improvement on its speed and accuracy over the years. We started by building them in hous back in 2009 due to other companies copying our initial design.  The average system has about a 3 to 4 week build time and can be delivered any where in the US set up and installed typically for 35-45k. 


 Garcia Grains Trading Co.

Here we have one of the largest trading companies in the lower rio Grande Valley. At this particular location they used to have only 2 truck scales, With the increase in marketing and demand for quality grain they added storage silos nad with the extra processing capabilities @ truck scales could no longer support the flow of trucks in and out of the facility.  With the concern for down time and the demand this scale would See IWCS offered them a Cardinal 13570 EPR-C truck scale with an IWCS Scale lifetime warranty package.

For more information on our lifetime warranty truck scales we have available contact us any time.