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About International Weigh & Control Systems, IWCS


IWCS Started with ones mans idea on how a Scale Company should be ran. Dave a scale technician with over 20 years in the business wanted to offer the Rio Grande Valley, Texas a different type of scale company.

1998- The Birth of a new type of Scale Company

While other local companies were tied to quotas and only wanted to offer cookie cutter bench scale, floor scales and truck scales. there was an increase local interest in Programmable System Automation! Computer integration. While this may seem a little behind the times, for the scale industry this was still new technology to our area and We wanted to be able to offer it the the Valley.

We started by listening to the customers needs wants and idea on how they wanted their plant shed or facility to run and operate. While other scale companies would shy away at Custom systems this is where we excelled. Not only did we offer our customers your bench scales, floor scales lab scales and truck scales we were also able to tie the to computer databases, Automate their production line. We did this all by listening to the customers needs and educating them on what was available and offering the customer different ways to meet their needs and then allowed them to decide on what they wanted to do. No Pressure! We never told the customer no that cant be done ore you have to buy this. They don't run our company why should we run theirs.


2006 Time for a change

In the past IWCS would cultivate ideas and out source them to manufacturers and have them built for us. We wanted a new prospective on the industry and different technologies available. That and we have grown to a point that we had to hire another technician. Little did we know we would be changing IWCS from the ground up.

Kyle a former Electronics Technician for the US Navy who specialized in Calibration 5 years type 3 and type 4 lab, 2 years in Wave propagations (communications) and 1 year in General electronics lab. at each Station he never wore one hat, never was satisfied where he was at  and always wanted to take on more. Perfect fit!

Kyle started day one by reviewing our practices on calibrations and started making changes from the beginning, increasing our technical library, Certifying the company and the technicians , basically bringing us to a fully functional mass calibration lab. that meets all local and federal regulations and helping us comply with  ISO regulations.

Once done there he moved on to sales and marketing helping IWCS double our customer base in less than 2 years.

Next, Supplies review our products find common and recurring services that were due to products manufacturing practices and removing them from our product line,  yes this means less income from services but in the long run we will have happier customers by offering them a QUALITY Scale!

By the time 2009 came around he basically was running the company!

2009 Pride in ownership! 

In 2009 Kyle was forced with a decision to pack up and leave IWCS and start over some where else or buy IWCS and finally be able to take ownership in all of his efforts. Needless to say IWCS is still here today

In short should you need a quality bench scale, a high accuracy lab balance, a rugged floor scale, a heavy duty truck scale or are in the market to automate you facility. IWCS will have the solution for you.

To all of you, from all of us at IWCS - Thank you !

Kyle Preston Crane
CEO/ Owner